Chauffeur Services vs. a Car Rentals


Why chauffeur services are a better choice every time! 


When it comes to getting from point A to point B – especially if you’re in a city you don’t know, or it’s a special occasion – the question of whether to choose a chauffeur service or a car rental is a tricky one. 


When it comes to making the right choice for you, understanding what the differences are can really help guide your decision. We’ve compiled a list of some of the pros to choosing a chauffeur service when it comes to getting around the city of Melbourne. 


If you’re looking for a sign to book a chauffeur service the next time you’re in Melbourne – this is it! 


They’re convenient and professional 


One of the number one advantages of choosing a chauffeur service instead of a car rental is that you get to experience the convenience of having a professional chauffeur navigate Melbourne’s streets. When you choose a chauffeur service, you aren’t just renting a car, you’re also hiring a trained professional who knows the best way around the city at any time of day! 


Whether you’re on strict time constraints or you’re just wanting to beat the traffic, choosing a chauffeur service offers you unparalleled convenience when it comes to navigating the city. 


It’s stress-free


Hiring a chauffeur means you don’t have to experience any of the stress that comes with driving in a new or unfamiliar city. Instead of having to deal with traffic or navigate the best way to your destination, when you hire a chauffeur you can sit back, relax and let someone else handle the hard work for you. 


It will save you time


If you’re working with strict time constraints, there’s no better time saving solution than hiring a chauffeur service. Whether you’re on a business trip or it’s a special occasion you can’t be late for, our team of chauffeurs prioritise punctuality and efficiency above all else. Whether you need to get to a meeting on time or you’re looking for reliable wedding transportation for your big day, working with a chauffeur service in Melbourne can help you work with your schedule and arrive on time to your destination. 


You’ll be comfortable 


One of the best things about hiring a chauffeur is the unparalleled comfort and luxury you get to experience during the drive. Chauffeur services often use high-end vehicles that really prioritise your comfort. Whether you’re travelling with a group or you’re flying solo, you can expect plush and comfortable interiors, heaps of legroom and amenities (like bottled waters) to help take your experience to the next level. If you’re looking to add some luxury to your Melbourne trip, hiring a chauffeur to get you around the city is the perfect thing! 


They know the area


Navigating a city like Mleboune can be tough, but when you hire a chauffeur you have your own personal local expert for the duration of your trip. Chauffeurs know Melbourne like the back of their hand, whether it’s streets to take to avoid peak-hour traffic, the best sights to see or the best restaurants to try hiring a chauffeur gives you valuable insights and recommendations during your trip. 


Whether you’re a tourist or a local you’re bound to experience something new and unique with the insider knowledge of a trusted Melbourne chauffeur. 


It’s safe


Few things are more important than your safety and hiring a chauffeur service is a great way to prioritise the safety of you and your passengers. Professional chauffeurs have to be licensed and insured and undergo training and background checks to ensure they meet the highest safety standards before you embark on your trip. Chauffeurs vehicles also have to have regular checks to ensure they are safe and secure for the next time you hire a chauffeur. 


It’s completely customisable 


Whilst car rental services may just offer standard packages with very little wiggle room for customisation, chauffeur hire services can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. 


Whether you need airport transfers, corporate travel, wedding transport or even sightseeing or winery tours, chauffeur services can customise their service to suit your plans – not the other way around! 


Choose Combined Cars for chauffeur services Melbourne! 


Whilst car rental services may be what you’re used to when you’re travelling, hiring a professional chauffeur like our team at Combined Cars offers a range of undeniable pros! From convenience and comfort to safety, choosing a chauffeur service the next time you need transport in Melbourne is a decision you definitely won’t regret! 

Contact us today or book online to lock in your chauffeur hire the next time you need transport in Melbourne.

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